Mashines for U-Bolt Bending

By having a high-efficiency and reliable machine for producing U-shaped bolts, your manufacturing process will reach new peaks of precision and efficiency. Our machine is an exceptionally precise tool, crafted with high-tech features that ensure exceptional quality of the produced bolts.


Precision and Consistency: The specialized technology of the machine ensures consistency in the size and shape of the produced bolts, guaranteeing their flawless functionality.

Flexibility and Variety: The ability to work with different types of materials and produce bolts of various sizes and shapes caters to the diverse needs of the manufacturing process.

Efficiency and Speed: Thanks to high production speeds and automated processes, our machine ensures rapid and efficient production of U-shaped bolts without compromising quality.

Our machine for producing U-shaped bolts represents an innovative and reliable solution that will optimize your manufacturing process and enhance the quality of your products.

Technical Specifications

The machine is designed with high precision and the ability to work with various sizes of bolts, including:


  • Diameter Ø11,89mm
  • Diameter Ø13,38mm
  • Diameter Ø14,36mm
  • Diameter Ø14,96mm
  • Diameter Ø17,37mm
  • Diameter Ø18mm
  • Diameter Ø20,373mm
  • Diameter Ø21m

Production of U-bolts with diameters ranging from Ø11.89mm to Ø21mm is conducted on two machines. The first machine is intended for producing U-bolts with diameters of Ø11.89mm, Ø13.38mm, Ø14.36mm, and Ø14.96mm, while the second machine is intended for producing U-bolts with diameters of Ø17.37mm, Ø18mm, Ø20.373mm, and Ø21mm.


Relying on our high technological expertise and commitment to quality, the U-shaped bolt machine is the ideal solution for your manufacturing process. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most reliable tools for creating bolts with a high standard of precision and durability.