straightening cutting machine

to №12 with straightening by drum / spindle KOMAND ABB-12

Automatic bender up to №12
Straightening with spindle and roller

Automatic bender  is designed to automatically pulling, straightening, bending and cutting at set angles and dimensions up to №12.


Maximum diameter of the rebar steel, mm до №12
Pulling speed, m / min 0 – 60
Speed ​​of bending , m/s 0 – 300
Cutting time, sec 0,65
Maximum steps in one program
1 – 200
Maximum bent length of the country
consistent with the dimensions of the machine
, mm
Minimum length of the first bend, mm 90
Minimum last length of the side
after bending R10
, mm
Minimum last length of the side
after bending
R20, mm
Maximum positive bending angle, ? 180
Maximum negative twist angle, ? 180
Tolerance length, mm до ±1
Tolerance of the corner, ? до ±1
Quantity programmable programs pcs,
Supply, V 380
Power, kW 18,5
Weight, кг. 1820
Dimensions L x B x H, mm, mm 4860х1340х2400